Frequently Asked Questions

API Quality and Usage

Who actually creates/owns the APIs?

All our APIs are built by the API Ninjas dev team to ensure we deliver high-quality APIs, and because everything is done in-house we can make updates and push new features faster than aggregated API marketplaces.

Where do you get your data?

Our data engineers spend a lot of time curating and vetting data sources for our APIs. Because our APIs cover a vast range of sectors, we do not have a single data source and instead rely on a vast network of sources.

Can I download datasets directly instead of using APIs?

We encourage all developers to use our APIs to get the most current data available.

For users who require offline access to our data, we provide 2 options to our users on premium plans:

  • Caching (Developer and Business plans only) - You may cache the response data from our APIs for as long as you maintain your premium plan.

  • Offline databases We can offer offline databases for certain data APIs - please email for more details.

Can I use API Ninjas for commercial applications?

Yes! Any of our premium plans authorizes you to use our APIs in your commercial applications.

The API I’m looking for is not available. Can you build it?

It’s very possible - many of our APIs have been built at the request of users. Please submit an API suggestion to let us know what API(s) you want.

Account Settings

Where can I find my API key?

Your API key can be found under the API Statistics tab on your profile page once you log in. Simply click the ‘Show API Key‘ button to see your API key.

How do I change my API key?

On your profile page, once you click the ‘Show API Key’ button to reveal your API key, another button called ‘Change API Key’ will pop up. Simply click it and type ‘change’ into the textbox that appears and click ‘Confirm’ to change your API key.

How do I change my password?

Under the Account Settings tab on your profile page there is a ‘Change Password’ button. Click it to input a new password.

How do I increase my monthly API quota?

We have a set of premium plans with increasingly larger API quotas, or you can reach out to us at to discuss custom quotas.