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Our APIs make it easy to build side projects, which tech recruiters are trained to look for in resumes. Whether you're looking to get your first software engineering internship or land a senior software engineer role at a FANG company, API Ninjas can open new doors for your careeer.

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Class projects are now a part of thousands of computer science courses around the world. By leveraging real data from API Ninjas in your work, you can impress your teacher and classmates without pulling all-nighters.

Jumpstart your next venture

Some of the most successful companies in the world began with engineers hacking together on an idea. With our suite of APIs, founders can build prototypes faster, develop MVPs more efficiently, and get to market earlier.

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An API is only as good as its documentation. We get that, and that's why we made sure to document our APIs clearly and concisely using example data, sample code and live demos. Go to our API directory and try it out!

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We may offer numerous APIs, but we don't cut corners. We build each API as if it were a standalone product to deliver the cleanest and most useful data to our users.

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We are constantly adding new APIs, and our users define our roadmap. If you want us to launch a specific API in the future, please let us know! We read each and every suggestion.

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Matt K.

College sophomore studying computer science

"The food diary app I built using the nutrition API helped my resume stand out in front of recruiters, and I landed my first software engineering internship!"

Melissa W.

Senior software engineer

"I used API Ninjas as the primary data source for several apps I launched in my spare time, which eventually led to job offers at Apple, Microsoft and Facebook."

Fariq A.

Business Analyst turned Developer

"As someone who had no programming experience, I taught myself programming and used API Ninjas as the foundation for my side projects."